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Buy Slush Machine Mix Syrup Flavours & Buy 99% Juice Slush Drink Mix for Schools

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Choose from the following delicious flavours:

Granita / Slush Syrup – Buy Australian

Top quality ingredients in our entire range of granita syrups.

Natural Fruit Juice Slush Concentrate

Our 99% Fruit Juice Slush Concentrate has been approved for use in School Canteens and use natural flavours and natural colours. Read more about our Fruit Juice Slush Concentrate. We can also provide Kosher Slush Syrup Mix on Request ($130 per Case Delivered. 3 x 4 litre Bottles - mix 5:1 with water)

NB: Mixed Cases are extra and take 2-3 days longer to repack

Slush Flavours and Sizes

Our wide range of Granita (slush syrup) flavours include:

  • Strawberry

  • Raspberry

  • Lemon Lime

  • Lemon

  • Grape

  • Cola

  • Mango

  • Peach Passion

  • Tropical

  • Blue Lemonade

  • Lime

  • Orange

  • Watermelon

  • Passionfruit

We can also tailor new flavour and colour blends to suit your requirements.

$95 a case (6 x 2 litre concentrates - mix 4:1 with water - use 2 litres per side of a machine)

Special Mixed boxes $130 (up to 3 flavours - 6 x 2 litre bottles of above Granita flavours)

We can make specific cocktail syrup bases to order, such as:  

  • Margarita

  • Strawberry Daiquiri

  • Mango Daiquiri

  • Fruit Tingle

  • Sunset Boulevard

  • Sex on the Beach

  • Pina Colada

  • Tropical Punch

  • Mai Tai

       All the Above Cocktail Mixes - $130 a case (case = 6 x 2 Litre Bottles)

Do we offer 99% juice mixes? Of course! $130..

Natural 99% Fruit Juice Slush Concentrate (case = 3 x 4 Litre Bottles)

Our 99% fruit juice slush concentrate uses predominantly natural flavours and colours and has no added sugar. 

Over the past 10 years, our fruit juice slush mix has become very popular in Australian school canteens, with the recent focus on no added sugar refreshments, & various healthy kids programmes around the country.

While other products’ cane sugar syrups may lead to blood sugar spikes and weight gain in children, this concentrate when made up comprises 99% fruit juice, is high in nutritional value, and is very pleasing to children’s palates.

Fruit Juice-based slushie flavours include:

  • Strawberry

  • Raspberry

  • Lime

  • Blue Lemonade

  • Orange

  • Lemon Lime

  • Watermelon

  • Dragonfruit

  • Blueberry

  • Lemonade

  • Tropical

  • Lemon

  • Mango

We can make any flavour to order

Other Premium Flavours $130 / case (6 x 2 litres) Mix with ½ milk, ½ water

These special coffee syrups are manufactured to a high flavour intensity, and they go well with premium freshly-brewed coffee beans. 

Flavoured Coffee Syrups include:

  • Caramel

  • Vanilla

  • Hazelnut

  • Butterscotch

  • Irish Cream

  • Chai

  • Peppermint

  • White Chocolate

Coffee Syrups are generally packaged in our customised high quality 750ml PET bottle, with 6 bottles to a carton.


*(in the style of) Toblerone




All concentrates mix 4:1 with water so 2 Litres makes 10 litres and expands by 10% on freezing. Most in ready to mix 2 litre containers.

Want even more? We Sell 99% Juice Based Slush Mix Syrup Australia Wide for Schools, Shops and Cafes. Buy Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder Mix & Non Dairy Frappe Mixes. We can offer a Fully Ready To Drink Slush Mix from Europe with 100% Genuine Agave Tequila - Contact Us for Details....  

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